• Rachael Dowling

Why A Ghostwriter Can Save Your Sanity

Hey there, stressed out business owner. Hopefully you stumbled on this article because you're overwhelmed and stressed.

I get it. No, really.

You've been juggling everything. And you've hit your breaking point.

Just like hiring someone to organize your taxes, hiring a ghostwriter can take a huge responsibility off your plate. And, not only that, it helps your business look "busy" and present on social media.

In case you didn't know, search algorithms change often. Google, the largest search engine used by people today, loves consistency and updates.

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ghostwriting can save your sanity

This doesn't mean you should be changing your website each month. Please, don't do that. Rather, this means that you should update things like your blog posts.

These updates can be about anything.

• Projects you're working on

• Goals

• Upcoming holidays

• A favorite recipe

• Advice to clients showing that you're an expert

• Inspiration articles

And this list goes on, and on!

Ghostwriting is one of my favorite areas in branding. I can write blogs for your company one a week. Once a month. You choose!

What should you be looking for in a good ghostwriter?

1) While these blogs don't have to be long, they do need to be easy to read.

2) Each blog needs to give your audience value.

3) Blogs should be over 1,000 characters.

4) This one is important... Someone who can copy your voice. If your blog doesn't sound like you or your business, clients will be confused when they show up.

5) Someone who can send you samples of past work.

When you're ready to let go, I'll be here ready to help. Message me to take the stress of blog writing off your plate.

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