• Rachael Dowling

Use Your Content Wisely!

You've just finished your branding session - pat yourself on the back, you rockstar! I've sent you all of your images - Woohoo!

But now what do you do with them? Do you post everything at once? Do you share a sneak peek each week? Ahhhhh! So many options!

Well, take a deep breathe. Here's what I suggest...

1) Post pictures that correspond with your marketing strategy! Marketing strategy? Hmmmm... Maybe you don't have one. Totally fine. Don't panic.

We've already taken pictures and video that are meaningful to you. Maybe you just need to arrange them in an order that works.

I love starting with introductions. Even if you've been using social media for a while - it's always good to let people know who you are again. If you feel totally lost, sign up for this Instagram class with Jasmine Star:

2) Don't post everything all at once! Hopefully you knew that... but seriously. Don't post it all at once! If planned out, one branding session will give you enough content for the next 90 days! I always suggesting posting in 4-5 categories. I'll give you mine as an example:

• Myself (allow people to get to know me)

• Something I love (it's usually about food)

• Something I'm working on (personal or business goal) or a quote

• My Family

• Business Pitch

Why don't I put out a business pitch with every post? Not everyone will care. Not everyone is my client right now, and that's okay. I want people to get to know me and relate to me. I want to be their go-to for advice or help with anything!

The more relatable you are, the more you'll pop up in people's minds/conversations.

3) Use a select few images on your website. You don't want your site to be content heavy (too many images or videos). But using a few images on your main page - an image for your "about me" section - and an a few filler images works great.

I love using images of me working with people on my site - or, better yet, a video!

Hopefully these tips have made using your images a little less daunting. If you're looking for more advice or guidance, I'm your girl! Comment below and I'll answer any questions!

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