• Rachael Dowling

Motivate Your Butt

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

I know this sounds super weird. And you’re probably thinking, “Rachael, how in the world are you going to motivate me? As a business owner, I’m running around all over the place and I barely have time to read this blog.

succulents, imac keyboard and wireless mouse, memory cards
Layout of Stuff: succulents, iMac keyboard and wireless mouse, memory cards

I get it. You’re busy. And busy should mean that you’re busy making money. But honestly, more than anything, you need to stay focused, motivated, and encouraged! It is for this very reason I’ll send you motivational updates via text message. There’s nothing better than going through your day and receiving a friendly reminder that you’re not alone. We all have struggles. We all hit plateaus. We all need encouragement. And sometimes, we all need a kick in the pants so we can get our butts back to work. Ready to get motivated? It's so easy...

Just text the word RHINO to the number 31996

And don't worry. It's nothing scary. It's nothing spammy. It's motivational.

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