• Rachael Dowling

March Madness Deal (I Might Be Crazy)

Any stressed out business owners need help with their social media? I don't have a super hero cape... but I do have a keyboard and a camera!

Crazy Face, Stressed out business owner
March Madness 2021

Who’s ready for a MARCH MADNESS deal?!

I have a special offer for business owners/businesses THIS weekend only!

How would you like to not post anything for the next 30 days on social media?

What if I took over your account and posted for you? You’d have 30 days of... • Social media pictures/videos/graphics • Social media captions for each post • Hashtags for each custom post • All of the posts scheduled for your Facebook and Instagram Account

Text or message me for my MARCH MADNESS deal, and I’ll send you the info!

Text: 715-304-8375


Psssstttt... I can help you write blogs too! Oh yeah, remember you’re supposed to be doing that too.