• Rachael Dowling

If I was a Disney Princess, I would be...

Most of us grew up with Disney movies. And while Cinderella is still my childhood favorite... I would never loose a shoe.

There’s actually a Disney character I relate to a little more...

Flynn Rider.

Yes, he’s definitely not a princess. But hear me out... because I have to admire his honesty.

If you have kids (nephews, nieces, or grandkids) you probably have watched the Disney movie Tangled. And you probably remember the bar scene from the movie... especially since most kid movies don’t have a bar scene.

All the “roughians” are singing about their dreams and aspirations. Despite their crude demeanor, most sing about wanting to find love, hoping to become a florist, or collecting unicorns. But when Flynn Rider is forced to join, in the song this is what he says...

“I have dreams like you, no, really

Just much less touchy feely

They mainly happen somewhere warm and sunny

On an island that I own

Tanned and rested and alone

Surrounded by enormous piles of money”

See?! I bet you want to be Flynn Rider too?

The biggest problem with Flynn Rider is his delivery. Shouting at our clients that we want to be rich isn’t the way to go. In fact - it’s what most business sound like on social media.


Boooooo. No one wants to hear that. I can hear people click the “unfollow” button from over here.

Here are some truths about business...

  1. People only buy from people.

  2. People only buy from those they know, like, and trust.

  3. People want to support your cause.

So, how do you relate to your audience?

  1. Share your stories with them. Share a photo of something you love (family member, pet, restaurant, etc). Just like the bar scene from the Tangled movie, the “roughians” are singing about their passions. Maybe you want to be a concert pianist. Maybe you collect ceramic unicorns. Maybe your passionate about baking. TELL YOUR AUDIENCE. Bonus points if you can relate your passion to a story (i.e. Everytime I bake, I think of mornings at my grandma’s house helping her in the kitchen).

  2. Be vulnerable. I talk a lot about my journey with Hashimoto’s Desease... and I’ve made some amazing connections because of it. If you don’t want to disclose your medical disability with the world, share something you’ve struggled with (past jobs that didn’t work out, maybe you’re divorced and not seeing your kids has been hard, how do you manage dealing with anxiety or stress in your life). Being open about yourself as a real person helps people discover and relate to the real you.

  3. Share your cause. Everyone has a reason they get out of bed each day... find something that speaks to you and share it on your social media pages. This can be as easy as donating a portion of your proceeds to a charity. Or donating your time for a community project.

What story will you share on social media? Or what Disney movie will you watch next?