• Rachael Dowling

I Like Tequila!

We all know that COOL person. Maybe you met them in your college dorm - or they were the best man at your wedding - or maybe it's your fun neighbor.

This COOL person is truly the life of the party. They know how to have fun. Even before the liquor is flowing - they know all the jokes and can instantly warm up the room with their personality. Everyone wants to hang out with them. And if you ever needed something, they'd probably be the first one to show up and help.

We also know the OTHER person. You see them and instantly want to run away even though it's not polite. But all the OTHER person talks about it is... themselves. They go on, and on, and on... and they feel the need to "out do" everyone in the room. If you went on a trip to Mexico last year - they went on five. If you got a promotion at work - they hired 15 new employees. Blah. Blah. Blah. Are your ears bleeding yet?

Hint - This could be YOU on social media. But, who are you?

Are you the COOL Person - or the OTHER person everyone wants to avoid.

Social media is like a party. Your audience is going to gravitate to others they like being around. People like to hang out with people they can relate to.

Are you the person shouting at the party about how great you are? Constantly shouting about how much money you made this week? Unrelenting about all of your accomplishments?

No. One. Cares. And people are probably running (or unfollowing) you faster than you realize.

Don't be that person. Talk about other things that help people. Let people get to know you! What do you like? Where do you eat locally? When you get stressed out as a business owner, what do you do to relax? Did you give your audience anything that could help them this week?

So, are you the person yelling "I LOVE TEQUILA!"


Are you the person yelling, "I AM AMAZING - YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO ME!"

Keep social media personal. Share a little bit about yourself.