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How Jenna DOUBLED Her Instagram Following!

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

Not only am I ready for the memorial day weekend… Today coincidentally happens to be national wine day… So cheers to you for reading this! Hopefully you’re doing so with a glass of wine in your hand. But seriously… Cheers!

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Onto the real reason behind this post...

This week I had three different friends announce that they had either just launched or are planning on launching a podcast with in the next week. I was blown away. Don’t get me wrong, kudos to them and they’re amazing business endeavors. I am totally not a public speaker. To be honest, I don’t really like blogging – but this glass of wine is motivating me to do wonderful things.

Full disclosure: I am extremely selective about the podcast I choose to download, allow to take storage space on my phone, and those I will give a listening ear too.

One of my selective podcast is The Gold Digger Podcast. Seriously. It's one of my tops. This is a podcast written by Jenna Kutcher, “Self-Made Millionaire and Marketing Guru… Educator, Photographer, and Mac & Cheese Lover.” If you’ve ever heard her show you probably have the tagline memorize too.

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I don’t want to give away too many secrets, but I will say this - although Jenna may not have outrightly used the term – she strongly suggests that personal branding photography was a contributing factor in this outstanding growth!

And if you haven’t heard the term before, personal branding essentially refers to capturing your hobbies family favorite pet, etc. and marrying this “personal side” to your “business life” as an entrepreneur.

So, does this really involve having paparazzi following you around and every second of your life? Absolutely not. That’s not what this should be about. It should be about hiring a professional who can effectively capture you’re authentic, natural moments as they happen – and do so in a way that is relatable to your audience.

In fact, that’s one of the things I pride myself on. Being able to authentically capture three months worth of content in only one day of shooting photography and video!

This is the whole reason why I’m so passionate about personal branding! What an amazing opportunity to make your business more than just a business. A chance to show your customers that you’re a real person with real hobbies, real interests, and real emotions.

Making this personal connection will give your customers a reason to choose you every time.

So again, if you’re still not sure about who I am or why personal branding is so important to your business, take a listen to what Jenna has to say… And then we’ll chat.

Find Jenna's Podcast Here:

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