• Rachael Dowling

Hashimoto's Disease

There aren't enough hours in the day... To take care of my health.

As a busy mom and multi-business owner living in the real world, taking care of myself comes in last place. All. The. Time.

And dealing with Hashimoto's Disease is no joke.

holtorf medical group, hashimoto's
holtorf medical group, hashimoto's journey, hashimoto's disease, thyroid disorder, hypothyroidism

For the last two years, I've been seeing a holistic doctor. And guys, I'm embarrassed to admit, I seriously drank the kool-aid with this one.

For two years, I ate "correct", took my supplements, and took a break from my crazy workout routine.

And for two years, I kept hearing "Well, you're starting to see results! That's good! Let's try [fill in the blank] and see what happens. It's going to take time to get well."

It was so discouraging. For two years I did everything right, and my weight wouldn't budge. My energy levels decreased. And I still couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

My breaking point? When I found out two years of following the plan was only scratching the surface. I was even more devastated when I found out that I had another 3+ years before I would see results.

I honestly didn't feel like I had time. I felt like my body would die before I made it another 3 years. Heck, before I made it another 3 months!

After calling TONS of local doctors and other holistic specialists... I called an audible and flew to LA with a friend to see her specialist. A real doctor. With real medications.

I went to the Holtorf Medical Group to see Doctor Evens. And, let me tell you... she is fantastic!! Not only did she look at my most recent and past blood work, she looked at basic things too - like checking my nail beds, feeling my throat, and running a metabolic and reflex test. All things that hadn't really been done before.

holtorf medical group, california, hashimoto's doctor
holtorf medical group, building, palm trees

I learned through my metabolic test that wasn't working. At all. A normal, healthy person's body burns calories just by being alive. I, on the other hand, have such a slow metabolism, I should have been burning 1800 calories a day. In actuality, I was only burning 1200 calories. What does my slow metabolism mean? You can look at in two ways:

1) I would either need to run 6 miles a day - just so my body could burn calories like a normal person. That's doesn't mean loosing weight. That's just to maintain my current weight.

2) Living life with normally (eating right, exercising, taking supplements), I would gain 1 pound every 9 days.

WHAT?! Why had no one ever checked my metabolic rate before?! It was a stupid simple test, and only took about 5 minutes to complete.

Since visiting the office for the first time, and being on thyroid medications for 6+ weeks, I've noticed many changes.

holtorf medical group, hashimoto's disease, feeling better
holtorf medical group, hashimoto's journey, california

The biggest change is that I feel hungry. This might sound ridiculous to people - but you know that grumbly, need to eat feeling around meal time - or when you wake up? Yeah. I haven't actually felt hungry in the last 6+ years.

My hair has almost completely stopped falling out. The swelling in my neck (from my thyroid) has lessened. And I don't feel like I have the flu. I made it through an entire day with out passing out - or needing to take a nap.

holtorf medical group, rhino branding, hashimoto's disease
holtorf medical group, medicine, hashimoto's, thyroid

These are the little wins that feel HUGE to me.

I'm not better yet. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And for the first time, in a long time, I'm excited to update you on my journey of healing.

holtorf medical group, hashimoto's thyroid
holtorf medical group, journey to healing, hashimoto's diesease

If you're struggling with Hashimoto's Disease or a thyroid disorder, please let me know. This can be such a lonely journey, and I'd love to connect with you.

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