• Rachael Dowling

Freebie Friday Vol. 3

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

After the Packers won the Super Bowl back in 1997 a movie was released called "Connie Gomper & The Pack!" Never heard of it? Okay, you're missing out. I'm posting part two of the video below in order to reference a thick (probably exaggerated) Wisconsin accent. Don't get sidetracked, because I there's free stuff we need to talk about.

If you have been tuning into my live video feeds, you’re probably noticed I’m not a TV personality - nor have I been trained in acting. Maybe you guys think my Wisconsin accent is cute. *don’t cha know* I guess all of this makes me a real person.

And I’m okay with being a real person.

But I’m always looking for ways to improve myself. For instance, I attend at least one webinar each week. Things are always changing (technology, social media algorithms, techniques, etc.) and it’s my goal to always be “caught up” with these changes.

To help with my new goal, I’m going to attend a ToastMasters meeting. This is a free organization that encourages entrepreneurs in public speaking. Here is their mission statement:

"We empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders."

Again, I’m not looking to “loose” the Wisconsin-me you’re familiar with... but the awkward pauses and “umm, well, like, so”... needs to go. When I go live for a video chat, I want to be efficient with my time and yours.

I’ll link below to the ToastMasters website so you can find a meeting near you. I was pleasantly surprised to find 5+ groups within a 15 mile radius from my home.

What are you goals to better yourself or your business in the new year?

Find a Club:

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